AOS Privacy Chain

A public blockchain that provides privacy protection and development platform for users and decentralized application

As a privacy public blockchain, AOS is the world's fastest blockchain that supports smart contracts and allows users to issue their own confidential assets.AOS is also the world's first public blockchain that supports zero-knowledge-proof programming, thus earning a nickname of "privacy-based Dapp platform".
AOS ushers in a new age of privacy blockchain 3.0. Compared with privacy coins such as Monero, ZCash, Dash, AOS allows users to issue their own confidential assets and has achieved Turing complete as for the issuance of confidential assets. In comparison to other smart contract platforms that protect privacy, AOS has made an invention in zero-knowledge-proof programming and has achieved Turing completion in privacy application programming. In other words, AOS gives users an easy and convenient way to develop their own privacy applications.


Application Scenario

AOS protects the privacy of smart contracts. It supports users to issue their own confidential assets and allows zero-knowledge-proof programming. Based on these three core functions, AOS public blockchain can solve various problems, involving online games, online auction, supply chain system, healthcare, insurance, commodities trading, futures trading, digital asset trading (such as credit investigation and intellectual property etc.). AOS public blockchain has a wide application in these sectors. Some applications are as follows:

Issuance of Privacy Tokens

AOS is the fastest privacy-focused public blockchain in the world that supports smart contracts. AOS platform allows users to issue their own confidential assets. Anyone can issue their own privacy-based token.

Development of Betting Games

Based on AOS public blockchain, users are able to develop games that protect both fairness and privacy. AOS will ensure both process and outcome fairness for the game. It will also effectively protect individual privacy.

Management of Stock Options for Companies

Based on AOS public blockchain, companies could design a stock option management system that protects privacy and manages default risks at the same time. Number of options held by employees is kept secret. Vesting of a stock option is powered by smart contracts technology.

Online Auction

Based on AOS public blockchain, users are able to develop a fair and privacy-preserving online auction system to protect privacy of auction participants, such as their bid information and identity information, and to manage default risks.

Supply chain system

With the help of AOS public blockchain, the supply chain system is able to protect the business information along the chain by preventing data tampering and the exposure of trade secret.


The AOS public blockchain-based healthcare information network will prevent the leakage of individual health data and healthcare information.

Project Roadmap

Oracle era: April 2019 to December 2019

Official launch of AOS version 1.0, which supports anonymous transactions to issue anonymous assets. Trial operations have been commenced to attract projects to issue anonymous assets on AOS.

Millennium era: March 2020 to May 2020

We shall open the zero knowledge program interface for smart contracts on AOS, actively cultivate the technology developer ecology, and support the implementation of a greater number of zero knowledge proof smart contract dApps applications that support certification.

Evolutionary era: July 2020 to December 2020

We shall set up a Blockchain Research Institute that is focused on “security”, and establish the Blockchain Academic Exchange Association and Research Institute with our partner city, Seoul as the base. We shall put academic achievements into practical use in order to support the development of local technology, establish friendly collaborations with the local government, and support a healthier, more stable and richer AOS ecology.

On-Chain Governance era: January 2021 to March 2021

On-Chain Governance and joint construction of nodes. We shall achieve On-Chain Governance to improve the efficiency of AOS community governance, and aid the development of the AOS ecology. More projects shall be attracted to issue anonymous assets on AOS and more commercial applications shall be implemented.

Consensus algorithm upgrade: May 2021 to August 2021

We shall upgrade the AOS consensus algorithm, further enhance the performance of the AOS main network, and prepare infrastructure construction for the practical implementation of large-scale applications. We shall actively develop game ecology on AOS, and harness the technical features of AOS, such as anonymous assets and zero knowledge program, to support more game dApps and significantly enrich the application ecology of AOS .

Main network cross chain upgrade: September 2021 December 2021

Realize the chain interoperability, open AOS ecology and other cryptocurrency ecology, and promote the overall prosperity of AOS ecology.

Join Us

Located at British Virgin Islands, AOS foundation is actively preparing offices and communities in many nations or regions. We will provide a variety of development programs, such as trainings and job rotation. In this way, AOS foundation will keep up with world-leading blockchain technology.

AOS is looking for people who share a passion for blockchain. Let’s create history together. Join us now!


Partner of Japanese Community


Job Requirements:

(1) Proficiency in Japanese and English. Familiar with Japanese social network and media ecosystem
(2) Good grasp of blockchain and digital currency
(3) Good grasp of online operation

Partners of Korean Community


Job Requirements:

(1) Proficiency in Korean. Familiar with Korean social network and media ecosystem. Having a good command of English
(2) Good knowledge of blockchain and digital currency
(3) Good knowledge of online operation