AOS Token

What is AOS Token ?

AOS Token is the ecology token issued by the foundation of Anonymous Operating System with an abbreviation of AOS.

AOS penetrates the whole ecosystem of Anonymous Operating System. With a wide application in blockchain industry, AOS facilitates both trade and applications along the chain. AOS is also a natural bridge currency for tokens issued on AOS protocol.


Token Assignment

Total AOS issuance: 100 billion

Technology R&D accounts for 10%

which is used to support the continuous development and iterative upgrading of the AOS main network in the future.

Market share accounts for 35%

Tokens will be available for sale worldwide from January 2020, and 5 billion will be issued in the first year.

Community construction accounts for 10%

which will attract more developers to participate in the AOS technology community and generate more support for open source projects based on AOS.

Ecological construction accounts for 10%

AOS will support the implementation of commercial applications in the AOS ecology, attract more projects to issue anonymous assets in the AOS ecology, and promote the overall prosperity of the AOS ecology.

Operation accounts for 10%

For the total and shall be used to build an operation team and aid the sustainable and sound development of the AOS ecology.

Foundation accounts for 25%

The reserve fund reserved for the development of the AOS ecology shall be used for future operations or R&D needs.

Application Scenario

Participate in Node Voting

By staking AOS, users could obtain the voting rights for Super Node Election.

Participate in Interest-bearing Staking..

Users who join the Interest-bearing Staking Program can earn a high profit by staking AOS

Game Payment

AOS will launch strategic cooperation with multiple games. AOS will become in-game currency.

Obtaining Network Resources

Users could obtain memory and bandwidth resource through staking AOS.

Buying Related Gifts

Users can use AOS buy various exquisite products with AOS.

Token Airdrops

Holding AOS may get you chances to receive new crypto airdrops based on AOS protocol.

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