Nine Core Strengths of Privacy Public Chain AOS

By AOS - 2020-3-15

Source: AOS Community Twitter

Anonymous operating system (AOS) is a blockchain operating system designed for distributed applications with an emphasis on user privacy. Known as anonymous EOS, AOS inherits the high performance and high scalability of EOS, while featuring the additional function of payment privacy. It not only keeps the original characteristics, but also protects the privacy of users. What are the characteristics of AOS? Well, core strengths of AOS are summarized as below:

I. Grand vision

AOS hopes to build a blockchain system with high performance, high scalability, and practical protection of user privacy, in order to bring about globalization, autonomy, distribution, openness, transparency, equivalence, anonymity and sharing. Such a platform will stand with users around the world who do not want to be controlled by the internet giants.

II. Strong technical support for anonymity

AOS uses Account model, homomorphic encryption and zero knowledge proof technology to provide the underlying cryptography support for its anonymity. These cryptography technologies can be used in the smart contract layer, and it will be easier for DAPP to obtain anonymous features.

III. Overcoming the non-programmable obstacle in anonymity area

Zcash, Monero and Mimblewimble (Grin/Beam) and other blockchain systems provide support only for anonymity and are non-programmable. AOS, however, reconstructs and supports WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machine through chain bottom, fully supports Turing complete smart contract and overcomes the obstacle in current blockchain anonymity area.

IV. Protecting the privacy of user assets

Based on homomorphic encryption and zero knowledge proof technology, AOS public chain ensures user assets anonymous, which means that user assets and related data can only be viewed by the user. The fact that one transaction can only be viewed by the two parties of transaction greatly ensures the protection of user privacy.

V. Supporting for the issuance of diversified and anonymous assets

Ordinary developers with asset requirements may issue their own AOS public chain digital assets based on AOS underlying protocols and create their own anonymous ecology. Such assets feature anonymous transaction and data privacy as well.

VI. Selective anonymity

Apart from several widely used state trees (Merkel trees), private state trees have also been added to AOS. State database is divided into private state database and public state database to ensure the openness of transaction in the system and improve design safety.

VII. Low latency and high throughput

On mechanism design, AOS has accumulated the intelligence of the industry and reconstructed consensus by standing on the shoulders of giants. Also known as anonymous EOS, AOS features low latency and high throughput, outweighing EOS. On consensus mechanism, AOS, while adopting DPOS, adds the combination form of pBFT. This allows TPS to reach 5000–10000, which ensures efficiency, improves fault tolerance rate and lays a solid foundation for business use in the future.

VIII. Cryptocurrency simplified payment verification (SPV) for privacy protection based on zero knowledge proof

Based on zero knowledge proof technology, AOS SPV realizes the SPV function of sending anonymous transaction. Besides, AOS SPV, as the entrance to AOS ecology, opens an anonymous world to users. In the near future, SPV would support voting for super nodes. By then, users may vote for super nodes through SPV entrance and conduct staking mining based on DPOS consensus mechanism.

IX. Wide application prospects

Future business pattern of blockchain can’t live without anonymous privacy protection. AOS public chain will shine in areas in need of privacy protection, such as anonymous assets, anonymous option, etc..

AOS public chain rationalizes current blockchain world even more. It not only fills in the blank of current anonymous area, but also meets the actual needs of future business. AOS will shoulder its due responsibility and add color to the blockchain world.