Has AOS Privacy Public Chain Already Surpassed Ethereum and EOS After Six Months’ Dormancy?

By AOS - 2020-3-17

Source: AOS Community Twitter

The global outbreak of the epidemic has worsened the world economy which is already difficult. Under such influence, circuit-breakers of stock markets worldwide have been triggered, and even digital gold currency Bitcoin has not been spared. With half-time approaching, the sudden plunge caught many off guard. Players holding cash, however, are untiringly bottom-fishing various value subjects.

So it is in the digital currency industry. Slump is a disaster to players who buy digital currencies with all their capital, while an opportunity to those who hold capital after selling all digital currencies. Large scale callback has offered players with an opportunity to rediscover and choose various currencies. What exactly is value coin? Most people are believed to answer that a booming coin is a value coin.

But in fact, booming is just the surface of a currency. The root cause lies in the technology, ecology and common value of the project. Only by digging deep the real value of the project can players better bottom-fish.

Is AOS, a new star of privacy public chain, a value coin? Is it worth layout? With public chain competition becoming heated, vertical subdivision will be the normality in the second half competition of public chain. The fact that smart contract public chain represented by ETH is developing towards POS and privacy field is enough to show that privacy and right and interest mechanism is the development trend of smart contract public chain.

Looking back at the value of AOS. We learn from information acquired from AOS project official that born in the second half of 2019, also known as Anonymous Operating System, it focuses on research and development and ecological layout of privacy public chain.

As a privacy public chain, AOS, within more than half a year, has set a record of multiple leading technologies.

AOS is the fastest privacy public chain in the world to support smart contract. Compared with the old generation of privacy anonymous coin, AOS does not choose to use UTXO model. Rather, it choose Account model which is more flexible and applies two businesses of privacy encryption and smart contract to Account model. Account model, on one hand, supports smart contract layer to provide anonymity, including the anonymity of assets; on the other hand, has been proved of its application advantages in actual business scenario.

In terms of speed, AOS has helped TPS realize over 10000 by adopting DPOS+PBFT consensus algorithm. The operation model of 21 nodes greatly improves the operating efficiency of the main net. Aided by PBFT, the operation of the main net is fast and steady.

AOS is the first privacy public chain in the world to support zero knowledge proof programming. With the advantage of high performance, AOS makes great advances in privacy application field and realizes privacy function with zero knowledge proof. Thus, AOS realizes Turing complete not only on the level of privacy digital asset issuance, but also on the level of privacy application programming. With the large-scale emergence of defi application, privacy defi will be favored as the enhanced version in the industry. At present, ETH2.0 version has yet to be introduced, not to mention the realization of privacy application development. At this point, AOS is the best platform of privacy application development. AOS can be called “private mini program development platform”.

World-leading public chain to support the issuance of privacy digital assets. AOS itself is not a privacy project, but thanks to its Account model and smart contract which support zero knowledge proof programming, it’s easy to realize the issuance of privacy digital assets, including privacy currency, company option, etc.. It's easy to see that AOS would enjoy a prosperous business prospect in the future.

The realization of over 10000 TPS and privacy smart contract contributes to the high performance and high value of AOS. These performances are way better than those of the old generation of public chain, such as Ethereum and EOS. AOS, though exceeding the previous two in technical level, unlocked its value not long ago and was at a time of plunge. What value subject is worth bottom-fishing? I believe you already have the answer.