Is Privacy ProjectAOS Going to be the Best Option with Global Economic Downturn and Rising Blockchain?

By AOS - 2020-4-8


The crisis of economic downturn

The first quarter of 2020 is coming to a close, yet the pandemic continues spreading. Sustained sell-off in the financial market and large-scale lockout of entity industry throw the world into an unprecedented liquidity crisis. To combat this crisis, central banks around the world are adopting strong and aggressive fiscal policies including zero interest rate and unlimited QE policy.

The pandemic is merely a trigger of this global sell-off. For one thing, the US continued to initiate trade wars against many countries over the past year and the game among leading economies brought collateral damage. The longstanding quantitative easing of the Federal Reserve led to currency over-issue and inflation. Bull market sustained for ten years in U.S. stocks, producing much leverage. The stock market bubble is becoming even more serious.

For another, the Gray Rhino debt crisis continues. The European debt crisis which lasted for ten years, in particular, hadn’t been resolved radically. Many leading countries in Europe experienced economic slowdown. The economic contradiction between high social welfare benefits and low growth in European countries is worsening. A great influx of refugees caused by political unrest in North Africa led to European refugee crisis. Coupled with the Brexit, the original European Community seems to be led astray.

Coming to Japan in Asia. In 2019, Japanese debt stood at 10 trillion dollars, 2.2 times that of Japanese GDP. Treasury yields in Japan were adjusted to negative interest rates, debt crisis seemed imminent, and the global economy was struggling on the verge of a crisis.

Rising blockchain cryptocurrency

Coming to the last bottom of the economic cycle, Bitcoin was exactly born after the outbreak of the last financial crisis. The original purpose of Bitcoin was to fight against unlimited currency over-issue.

The world is stepping into the next crisis cycle. Will digital gold currency Bitcoin and the cryptoassets led by it embrace a new round of rising?

The answer is almost certain. For one thing, seen from the fundamentals, Bitcoin and digital currency industry are welcoming the third halving. Past history shows that halving is bound to bring about unilateral rise market quotation. For another, some over-issued currencies brought by global quantitative easing will flow into the encryption industry and boost the development of the industry. What’s more, many countries including South Korea and Germany opened up to the digital currency industry, which further laid the foundation for the next bull market.

Privacy coin has become the new trend of the industry. Privacy coin is nothing new. As early as several years ago, projects represented by ZEC, XMR and DASH enjoyed quite a reputation. The historical performance of this generation of privacy coin was very striking, with the maximum increase of ZEC, XMR and DASH reaching respectively 330 times, 2300 times and 7800 times.

Privacy Project AOS becomes a new favorite in the industry

AOS was born under the context of the strong rise of blockchain cryptoassets and the general trend of privacy project.

As a Turing complete smart contract public chain, AOS realizes the simultaneous operation of smart contract and privacy programming with Account model. Privacy is the main development route of AOS. In order to provide a good underlying foundation for privacy technology, AOS main net has realized TPS of more than 10000. The transmission rate of AOS is 208 times that of DASH, 400 times that of ZEC and 2500 times of XMR. The ultra-high transmission rate makes AOS the fastest smart contract privacy public chain in the world.

Privacy is the soul of AOS public chain. AOS realizes privacy technology through zero knowledge proof programming. Users can issue their own privacy assets on AOS and developers can also develop high-performance privacy DAPP. In this respect, AOS has surpassed ETH, taking the lead in the issuance of privacy projects. Looking at the global public chain track, AOS is the first private public chain supporting zero knowledge proof programming in the world, also known as the “private version of mini program development platform”.

In terms of Defi application, the general trend in the application level this year, AOS has been prepared for a long time. AOS wallet is planning to launch a brand-new staking product, which is easy to operate with one button embedded in the wallet. This kind of staking is developed based on AOS main net. In the case of asset data storage encryption, the security of asset mortgage and redemption is ensured through smart contract.

Let’s look at AOS’s performance in the secondary market. AOS is now listed on Kangbo Exchange. In the recent Bitcoin crash, the market currency generally declined by more than 50%, while AOS was not greatly affected by the market. After the market stabilized, AOS took the lead in rising seven consecutive times, with a cumulative increase of more than 30%. The secondary market had a strong performance.

Behind the strong market performance is a strong community consensus. AOS’s Global Community Alliance Program has attracted users of Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and other languages to participate, covering more than 100 thousand people, and the number is still increasing.

While conforming to the general trend of blockchain privacy projects, strong technical performance and community consensus are created to make AOS the new favorite of the blockchain industry. When the next bull market starts, AOS will certainly perform no less than the old generation of privacy coins such as XMR, DASH and ZEC.

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