21 advantages of AOS Privacy Public Chain

By AOS - 2020-7-16


AOS, known as Anonymous Operating System, is the world’s strongest privacy public chain, supports Turing’s complete smart contracts, allows users to issue privacy tokens. It is called the “Privacy Version of EOS”.

AOS is also the world’s first privacy public chain to support zero-knowledge proof programming, it supports users to easily develop privacy DAPP, known as the “privacy version of the dAapp development platform”.

In the first half of 2020, AOS project have made frequent moves, including technology, community, ecology and commerce, and achieved a lot of bright results, the global user continues to grow and the popularity continues to increase. What are the advantages of the most popular privacy public chain- AOS? Here are summarized as follows:

AOS Technology advantages

Advantage 1: It is the world’s first private public chain, which uses the DPOS+PBFT consensus mechanism, with a balance of efficiency and security.

Advantage 2: The TPS of AOS is up to 10000+, which is currently the world’s fastest private smart contract public chain.

Advantage 3: It uses the self-developed zero-knowledge proof technology to achieve the function of privacy protection.

Advantage 4: The world’s first privacy public chain to support zero-knowledge proof programming, supporting the development of privacy DAPP.

Advantage 5: AOS is the world’s most advanced one-click privacy assets issuance public chain.

Advantage 6: It uses homomorphic encryption to ensure that private data is not exposed and that it is secure.

Advantage 7: It uses the Account model to flexibly manage the public chain, and realizes the first architecture of the smart contract and privacy protection at the same time on the model.

AOS Community consensus advantage

Advantage 8: Launched in 2019, the “AOS Consensus Conference Global Tour” improves continuously AOS’s global influence, and has been held in Korea Station several meetings, the response has been enthusiastic.

Advantage 9: AOS has recruited a number of community partners (recruitment ongoing) in key regions such as Europe, the Americas and Asia to enhance community-to-project interaction and community-to-community linkages.

Advantage 10: Communities have been established in a variety of languages, including: English community, Korean community, Russian community, Vietnamese community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Chinese community, covering more than 100,000 people.

AOS Token Advantage

Advantage 11:AOS has strong liquidity, the average daily trading volume of the entire network exceeds 200 million AOS, with a maximum daily increase of 300%. Currently, 2 exchanges have been launched.

Advantage 12: AOS has many applications for supernode voting, Staking mortgage, public chain resource acquisition, new Token issue payment, etc.

Advantage 13: Its actual value is large, can be used for AOS around gift purchases, co-payments, etc.

AOS brand products advantages

Advantage 14: AOS is exposed in the mainstream media in various countries around the world, such as Herald Daily, American Morning Post, Digital Journal, Postal Bulletin, People’s Network, Tencent News and Economic Daily.

Advantage 15: AOS has a full coverage of we-media exposure, it has established Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Medium, Weibo, WeChat, etc. according to the habits of different countries.

Advantage 16: AOS website has 7 language stations in English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese, etc., and is also planning more language versions.

Advantage 17: AOS wallet, block browser, asset distribution management platform have been launched, the user daily activity is more than 27%.

Advantage 18: It has a wealth of peripheral products, T-shirts, sake, hand-made, holiday gifts, etc.

Advantage 19: The world’s top 7 market platforms has listed AOS, which are: Mytoken, Feixiaohao, Coingecko, TradeTwist, Coinhills, Coincodex, Athcoinindex.

AOS Track Advantage

Advantage 20: AOS is located in the smart contract public chain track, with a high level of expansion and the basis for large-scale application development.

Advantage 21: AOS is in the privacy vertical domain of public chain track, privacy protection is a global challenge, but also the trend of blockchain.

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