AOS will pay more attention to the anonymity and privacy of users and distributed applications. The anonymity or privacy of users and DAPP are not protected in Eth and EOS, which is not in line with the objective fact of social development, which is why we will launch AOS. We believe that only protecting user assets and privacy is the future of blockchain.

The vision of AOS is to provide an operating system bottom layer for distributed applications, and to introduce privacy protection features. On top of AOS, developers can quickly develop distributed applications that focus on privacy protection. At the same time, AOS will provide the distribution function of anonymous assets. Anyone can issue their own anonymous assets. In the subsequent asset transactions, except the participants, no one else can spy the amount of assets.

AOS will use account model, homomorphic encryption and zero knowledge proof technology to provide underlying cryptography support for its anonymity. These cryptography technologies can be used in the smart contract layer, DAPP will also be convenient to obtain anonymous features.