By AOS - 2021-1-7

The rapid development of AOS public chain depends on the participation of community users. Covered in glory, AOS community users stood together through the checkered past. Looking back, what was your story with AOS? Looking forward, what are your wishes and expectations for AOS in the future?


All AOS community users (exclude staff of AOS Foundation and AOS Global Community Union)

How to Participate

(1) Content Creation

Share your story with AOS, express your wishes and tell your expectations for AOS via video/photo/texts (See examples in Appendix 1);

(2) Content Release

Post your story and wishes on any social network or media website (see examples in Appendix 2);

(3) Submit the Content

Send the link or screenshot of the story & wish post with your username to any AOS community we-media through email (message or leave comments in comment sections) (See the community list in Appendix 3)

Submission Deadline

Jan 22nd, 2021 23:59 (UTC+0)


AOS Community Union will select 36 winners from all participants and reward a prize.

1st Prize (2):

A hardware wallet worth 1000USDT;

An AOS customized notebook (with power bank);

2nd Prize (4):

An AOS customized aluminum luggage;

An AOS metal commemorative coin;

3rd Prize (10):

An AOS customized notebook (with power bank);

An AOS metal commemorative coin;

4th Prize(20):

500 AOS


(1) If the prizes cannot be delivered to our global AOS users due to logistics or other reasons, winners will receive AOS with an equal value of the prize;

(2) The Sponsor and the Organizer reserve the right of final interpretation for the event.

Appendix 1:


Ø Your wishes to AOS;

Ø Your expectations and suggestions on the technological development of AOS public chains;

Ø Your expectations and suggestions on AOS ecology development;

Ø What exchanges do you expect would be the next ones listing AOS in 2021;

Ø The highlights and advantages of AOS that attract you;

Ø Why do you have faith in AOS;

Ø As an AOS promoter, what is your achievement in promoting AOS;

Ø As an AOS investor, share your feelings and mentality when witnessing the surges and plunges of AOS coin price.

Appendix 2:

Available social network or media website:

Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/WhatsApp/Wechat/Instagram/Tiktok/SinaWeibo/LinkedIn/Medium/ 8btc.com/Chainnews.com……

Appendix 3:

AOS community list

l Community Union: https://twitter.com/AOS_Blockchain

l Korean Community: https://blog.naver.com/aosplus111

l Chinese Community: https://weibo.com/u/7388173763

l Spanish Community: https://twitter.com/AosSpanish

l Russian Community: https://twitter.com/AOS_RU

l Vietnamese Community: https://twitter.com/AOSVietnam

l Japanese Community: https://twitter.com/Aosjapanese

l Indonesian Community: https://twitter.com/aos_idn


Ø Sponor: AOS Foundation

Ø Organizer: AOS Global Community Union, all AOS communities

Thank you

AOS Team


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